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Con Amore | Holder

Con Amore

E-learning platform

As the e-learning platform for basic medical knowledge of healthcare professionals, Con Amore is moving successfully ahead of the game.

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The Ocean Cleanup | Holder

The Ocean Cleanup

Crowdfunding platform

It was immediately clear that the crowdfunding project launched by the 19-year-old Dutch student Boyan Slat would be successfully financed. The project was so successful that it ranked third in the top five largest and most successful Dutch crowdfunding projects.

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Sawadee | Holder


Travel platform

Thanks to highly successful cooperation with Holder, Sawadee now boasts a brand new, innovative website. The hallmarks of the new web design: inspiration and customer service.

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Lendahand | Holder


Crowdfunding platform

Lendahand’s crowdfunding approach is cleverly adapted to the large need for project financing in developing countries.

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Zelf online insurances | Holder

Zelf online insurances


The cutting-edge website Zelf enables people to simply and quickly take out different types of insurance policies.

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Morgenwerk | Holder


Online employment agency

Morgenwerk is the first 100% online employment agency in the Netherlands, allowing people to find job matches any time day or night, and to do so quickly.

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